How You Can Help!

This week, I released two new books, focused on “second-generation” Android app development, using Jetpack/AndroidX along with Kotlin. Those books are works in progress — they should reach 1.0 status sometime early in 2019.

Eagle-eyed observers will notice that my pace has slowed a fair bit. Ordinarily, I would have done point releases of those books long before now and might already be to 1.0 versions.

Unfortunately, I have fewer subscribers than I used to, and I have fewer training customers than before. To make ends meet, I took on some longer-term consulting work. While that has been wonderful, it limits how much time I have to devote to the books.

If you would like me to be able to work faster on the books, spread the word! The more interest there is in what I do, the more time I can spend working on that.

If there is anything in particular that I can do to help you or your organization, reach out!.

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