Android Summit 2018 Materials

Yesterday, the 2018 edition of the Android Summit was held.

There, I delivered a presentation entitled “Slices: What They’re Not Telling You”, focusing on the high-level use of slices, beyond the scenarios that Google is focusing on today.

This resource page has links to the slides, the sample project (two slices and a slice host), plus a screen recording that I made of the live presentation.

Videos of the conference presentations should make their way to YouTube in the coming weeks. Even if you cannot attend a conference, watching their videos is a great way to learn about various Android topics, and there were a number of excellent presentations at the Summit.

I’d like to thank the conference organizers for able assistance and prodigous patience, especially when dealing with all the problems that crop up whenever you hold a conference with a Murphy among the presenters.

The AndroidX Tech site contains source code, transitive dependency details, and much more for Google’s androidx artifacts!