New Subscriber Benefit: Discussion Group

I used to have a Google Group for my subscribers, but I discontinued it several years ago, steering people towards sites like Stack Overflow. But those sites do not necessarily handle all sorts of questions — Stack Overflow in particular has fairly stringent guidelines as to what is and is not on-topic.

So, I have set up a new discussion group, this time in the form of a category on the CommonsWare Community site. While the category is publicly readable, posting is limited to authorized subscribers. The idea is that this category can be used for:

  • Questions about the books

  • Questions that might run afoul of Stack Overflow guidelines, such as asking for suggestions for third-party libraries

  • Questions that you might have asked elsewhere and did not get the answers that you sought

Subscribers can request permission to post by logging into the Warescription site and visiting Other Stuff > Settings from the nav bar. In there you will find a panel for “Discussion Group Access” with details.

If you run into any problems in signing up for this, let me know.

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