Android Seminars, In Your City

TL;DR: I am offering Android app development seminars and would be happy to deliver ones of interest in your city, if you can help me organize an audience.

I have trained over 1,000 developers over the past several years. However, almost all of that has had a few common characteristics:

  • Mostly, it has been private training. This is a wonderful approach, but it usually is only practical for firms with large development teams needing training. Only a fraction has been public training, where anyone can sign up.

  • Mostly, what public training has happened has been in a few major metro areas (New York City, London, Atlanta, Oslo, Munich, etc.). That too is fine, but it means that developers in other areas have to travel to attend the training, adding to the hassle and expense.

  • Mostly, it has been introductory training. This is a fine scope, but only for people who need to start from scratch. Android is getting increasingly complex, and it is tough to keep up with all of the changes. Moreover, the particular topics covered in the training has always been fixed, even for week-long events, rather than reflecting what attendees wish to learn.

  • Mostly, it has been week-long classes. There is nothing wrong with five days of training, particularly for introductory topics. But, particularly for intermediate or advanced topics, a week is a somewhat arbitrary (and pricey) choice.

  • Always, it has been expensive. Training firms have overhead to cover, and they tend to price the training to try to be able to hold it with few attendees, which means each attendee must pay a steep price. I have seen training priced at over $4,000 for a week, which is insane.

I’d like to try a different approach. I’d like to offer training on a range of topics, from introductory to advanced material, on whichever topics and on whatever days that the prospective attendees agree upon. I’d like to offer training in your city, as it does not matter much to me whether I travel to a large city or a small city, so long as people there are interested in Android app development. And I would like to offer less-expensive training ($100-200 per person per one-day seminar), if we can assemble a nice-sized audience.

If you have a way of communicating with other Android developers in your area (e.g., you run a meetup or similar group), and you would like me to come to your city, let’s make it happen. Or, if your development team is in need of “continuing education” in intermediate or advanced Android app development topics, reach out!.

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