Google Play Books and My EPUBs

Google Play Books is not accepting the EPUB edition of Version 8.3 of my book… and I don’t know why. The workaround is to upload the PDF into Google Play Books, or to use another EPUB reader, or to use another book format in another reader.

I have tried to patient with whoever Google has for providing technical support for Google Play Books, but that process seems to be going in circles, with agents handling an open case telling me to go talk to the people that opened the case in the first place. “Passing the buck” is a time-honored tradition in technical support, but it does not solve many problems.

If anyone happens to have a contact person at Google Play Books that might be interested in determining why multiple, valid, error-free EPUBs would result in “This file cannot be processed” when uploaded into Google Play Books, let me know.

Otherwise, at some point, it is possible that Google Play Books will start working again, but I cannot predict when. My apologies to all who are affected by this.

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