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Network Security Configuration Presentation

If you are in the Greater Reigning Super Bowl Champions For Another Few Days Metropolitan Area (or “Denver”, for short), I’ll be delivering a presentation on Android’s network security configuration system by remote to the Denver Droids group on February 15th. I will cover:

  • What network security configuration is

  • How you use it to solve some common SSL problems

  • How you use it to enhance your security beyond ordinary SSL, and

  • How to deal with one itty-bitty problem: network security configuration is new to Android 7.0

Reportedly, refreshments will be served, though since I will not be there in person, I will not be able to confirm this. I might have refreshments in my Secret Mountain Lair, but, well, that’s a secret.

If you have an Android developer group, and would like me to deliver a presentation for your group, just ask!

If your training firm is in need of an expert Android trainer to handle public training classes, contact Mark Murphy, as he may be able to help!