Network Security Configuration Presentation

If you are in the Greater Reigning Super Bowl Champions For Another Few Days Metropolitan Area (or “Denver”, for short), I’ll be delivering a presentation on Android’s network security configuration system by remote to the Denver Droids group on February 15th. I will cover:

  • What network security configuration is

  • How you use it to solve some common SSL problems

  • How you use it to enhance your security beyond ordinary SSL, and

  • How to deal with one itty-bitty problem: network security configuration is new to Android 7.0

Reportedly, refreshments will be served, though since I will not be there in person, I will not be able to confirm this. I might have refreshments in my Secret Mountain Lair, but, well, that’s a secret.

If you have an Android developer group, and would like me to deliver a presentation for your group, just ask!

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