The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development Version 7.6 Released

Subscribers now have access to the latest release of The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development, known as Version 7.6, in all formats. Just log into your Warescription page and download away, or set up an account and subscribe!

This update represents a whole lot of “miscellaneous”, since I was uncertain of Google’s release schedule for a bunch of stuff (Android Studio 2.2, Android 7.0, and ConstraintLayout).

In this update, I:

  • Extracted the material on multi-window implementations into a separate chapter, one that includes information about supporting Samsung’s and LG’s proprietary multi-window approaches

  • Expanded the coverage of drag-and-drop to mention how it works with the Samsung/LG multi-window environments, Chrome OS, etc.

  • Added a new section to the chapter on Espresso, covering IdlingResource

  • Added a new section to the chapter on RecyclerView, covering having items that expand and contract

  • Added a new section to the chapter on the media projection APIs, covering andshooter, a screenshot utility app

  • Updated the chapter on consuming documents to cover the duration of access to content identified by Uri values

  • Added material on the problems with custom Parcelable implementations to the chapter on Parcelable

  • Added a short section on @InverseBindingAdapter to the chapter on the data binding framework

  • Added a section on supporting APPLICATION_PREFERENCES on Android N devices

  • Added a section on onRetainNonConfigurationInstance() to the chapter on configuration changes

  • Added a section on the OnAlarmListener APIs offered by AlarmManager on Android N

  • Added a section on writing a custom Loader implementation

  • Refreshed the chapter on audio playback, which was seriously old

  • Updated the Decktastic sample app and chapter, which also was out of date

Also, the APK edition of the book has new appinars on:

  • the 2016 updates to the data binding framework

  • printing

  • publishing content with a FileProvider or StreamProvider

  • consuming documents from the Storage Access Framework


The next book update is tentatively slated for early October. That may change based upon when Android Studio 2.2 hits the release channel.

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