Upcoming Presentations

I’ll be delivering a few presentations over the next eight weeks.

First up is the Android Summit (not to be confused with the Android Developer Summit that Google hosted last year). This will be August 26, in the Washington DC area. I’ll be talking about multi-window development on Android 7.0.

A few weeks after that (September 23-24), I’ll head back down to DC for DevFest DC, where I will talk about the sheer unbridled joy that one finds when implementing periodic work on Android.

(and, yes, I’m being sarcastic)

The following week (September 29-30), I’ll be in the Remarkably Large Apple for droidcon NYC. I will be talking about Android’s drag-and-drop framework and how it becomes more important with Android 7.0’s multi-window feature. However, I will not be wearing khakis.

I am happy to help out other events as well:

  • If you are running a conference in the Boston/Pittsburgh/DC area, let me know!

  • If you have a Meetup, GDG, or similar group in the NYC/Harrisburg/Philly area, I’d be happy to come visit!

  • If you run such a group, but it is outside of that area, and you are willing to have me present via a Web conference, just shout!

  • If you are running a conference, you really want a presentation on some topic, nobody submitted a talk for that topic, and you think that I can fill the gap, ask!

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