AndGlobe: Yet Another Call For More Sites

I maintain a list of Android developer support sites called AndGlobe. The particular emphasis is on sites that are not in English.

With some ~1.4 billion Android users around the world, it is ridiculous to assume that English-language developer support resources are adequate for the task. Software development today requires too much English knowledge as-is. Forcing people to have to resort to English to ask Android development questions is unfortunate. That is why I have AndGlobe: to try to help publicize sites that can help others in all sorts of languages, not just English.

If you operate, or know of, a site for asking Android development questions and answers, that is not listed on the AndGlobe site, please let me know, or follow the instructions on the GitHub repo to contribute new sites that way. Conversely, if you know that one of the sites on AndGlobe is no longer serving a developer question-and-answer role, let me know. Note that I am looking for sites with durable and searchable results, so Slack channels and other chats do not count.

And, of course, please link to or otherwise promote the AndGlobe site, so Android developers know the wider range of Q&A sites that they can use for getting their questions answered.


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