Upcoming Android Presentations

I am scheduled to deliver several presentations in the coming months.

First up, this Wednesday, I will be traveling to Philadelphia to deliver a presentation at Android Alliance Philadelphia about development anti-patterns. With luck, while in Philly, I will not be attacked by wildcats.

On April 20, I will be appearing by remote at Denver Droids’ meetup, discussing doing periodic work in Android.

In May, I am scheduled to deliver a presentation that has not been announced yet, so I cannot tell you where or when it is.

In May, I will be heading into The Remarkably Large Apple for the May 10th NYC Android Developers Meetup, to talk about Android on the desktop.

In August, I will be returning to Boston for AnDevCon after a one-year hiatus, talking about how to secure the network access in your Android app.

I hope to see you there!

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