DevFest DC

I will be presenting at DevFest DC. This is a two-day event, held September 11-12 at AOL’s headquarters near Dulles Airport in the Greater Hey Look At All the Monuments! Metropolitan Area.

The morning of Saturday the 12th, I will be:

  • Delivering a 45-minute presentation, recapping the major stuff in Android 6.0 that you should be thinking about

  • Leading an updated edition of the Android 6.0 runtime permissions code lab that I held at droidcon NYC last week, where we will see (LIVE!) how to take an existing app and start asking for dangerous permissions at runtime and dealing with cases where we do not have them.

This is an inexpensive event, though this discount code makes it more inexpensive. Less expensive. Whatever.

If you are interested in attending the code lab, not only should you register for the event using that discount code, but you should also fill in this Google form. This is to gauge interest in the various code labs, so they can put the right lab in the right room at AOL. Filling in that form is not essential, though it would help the organizers. And the organizers are good people, so helping them would be nice.

If you live in the DC area, or DC is in your travel plans for the 12th, I’d love to see you there!

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