Webinars for Meetups

While I am still on my presentation sabbatical, there are still ways that I can help your meetup, GDG, or similar collection of Android developers: webinars.

I hold webinars several times a month, each usually lasting an hour. While there is a nominal fee for attending, that fee is per connection, not per person. A collection of people are welcome to attend via some shared connection to the Dozeo web conference, whether that collection represents a team at a firm in a conference room or an independent group like a meetup in an, um, larger conference room. :-)

For groups, I can schedule additional webinars — on current or past topics — at times that fit your group’s schedule. So, for example, if your meetup meets on the third Tuesday of every month, we can set up a webinar fitting that time slot. Times from 8am to 8pm (US Eastern) are available.

If you are interested in scheduling a webinar as part of an event for your group, contact me and we can work out the details.

Need an extra hand with your Android app development project? CommonsWare can help — reach out for details!