Moar Webinars!

I have a new crop of webinars going on over the next couple of months:

  • Android Studio for Eclipse Users is a quick tour of Android Studio, pointing out key differences between how Eclipse worked and how Android Studio works.

  • A Peek at JobScheduler, which, as the title suggests, reviews the JobScheduler system service that was added to Android 5.0, as an alternative to AlarmManager for periodic work.

  • What’s New with Notifications covers some of the changes that arose in 2014 related to the use of Notifications, such as customizing them for Android Wear and Android 5.0’s new behaviors.

  • Making Sense of Storage, covering the differences between internal, external, and removable storage, plus how ContentProviders are replacing direct filesystem access for accessing another app’s files.

(NOTE: those of you who signed up for the “Making Sense of Storage” from mid-December that was canceled due to technical difficulties, Dozeo is working again, and I have added another edition of that webinar for noon US Eastern on January 22nd)

Remember: active subscribers have access codes on the Warescription site for 80% off the already-cheap registration fees for these webinars!

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