Upcoming Conference Presentations: Samsung Developer Conference

I have one more event scheduled for this fall: the Samsung Developer Conference. I will be delivering a couple of presentations there, on optimizing memory and power usage within your apps. These presentations should be on November 14th, though the exact schedule has not yet been announced.

I don’t speak at many vendor-specific events. Where I do, I make sure that I speak on general Android development topics (albeit ones of relevance to developers targeting that vendor’s specific environment). My presentations at the Samsung DevCon are valid for all Android devices, not just the Samsung line.

Also note that I don’t accept speaker fees or other significant compensation for speaking at events. At most, I might ask for the event to pick up the cost of a hotel or flight, but not always, and in particular I am not receiving any expense reimbursement from Samsung for speaking at their event. I am simply serving as a freelance Android developer evangelist, to help Android developers be efficient and effective in their app development.

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