The Return of "Gradle for Android... and You!"

“Gradle for Android… and You!” is back!

Earlier this year, I offered a 30-minute free webinar on Gradle for Android: what it is and why it will be important for you, here in 2014 and beyond.

I am running “Gradle for Android… and You!” again in September and early October, with two changes:

  1. It is now a 45-minute webinar, getting into more about how Android Studio and Gradle for Android are related, how Gradle for Android relates to the larger Android development ecosystem, and more.

  2. To register, you need to make a donation to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Proceeds from these webinars — minus Eventbrite processing fees — will be contributed to the EFF once the webinars are done. Eventbrite’s minimum donation is $1.

So, if you have been hearing about Gradle for Android and are trying to determine what it gives you and why you should be considering it, sign up for the webinar!

Note that this is not a deep technical dive into how to use Gradle for Android. Gradleware and I have an online training course for that, plus the material in my book on the subject.

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