Want to Review a Beta Book?

UPDATE: This program is now closed – thanks to all who responded!

Version 6.0 of The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development should be released around September 4th. At the suggestion of a subscriber, I am offering early access to a draft of the book to 10 active subscribers who are interested in reviewing the new Android Studio coverage. I should be delivering this draft late this week, so reviewers would have a bit over a week to examine the draft and provide any feedback.

Besides the cap of 10 reviewers, there are some limits on this program:

  • It is open to active subscribers only, not to former subscribers or the general public.

  • The draft will only be published in PDF form. In particular, I am testing smallpdf’s PDF compression service, which so far has worked remarkably well in reducing the PDF file size while not seeming to wreck images and whatnot.

  • I will offer a limited version of the Book Bug Bounty program, where any reviewer who reports bugs in the draft gets a six-month Warescription extension. The normal bounty program offers six months per emailed bug report, but as I will not have completed my own review of the changes by the time I deliver the draft, I am capping the bounty for the draft to one bounty per reviewer.

  • This is a one-time program, to help with the extensive changes going into this book update. If this program is a success, I may do it for future changes of similar scope, but there will be a fresh call for reviewers at that point.

  • I reserve the right to cancel the program, though I have no idea why I would.

If you are interested in reviewing the draft of Version 6.0 of my book, please send me an email, stating that you are interested in this program, along with your Warescription user ID. I will reply to let you know if you successfully qualified. I will update the blog post once I have 10 reviewers to indicate that the program is not accepting new candidates.

Thanks in advance to everyone who reviews the draft!

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