Intel's Android Developer Field Guide... And You!

A few weeks ago, I was recruited to provide some links as a starting point for the “Build” portion of Intel’s Android Developer Field Guide. In addition to the links I contributed for “Build”, Paul Blundell organized the “Ideate” area, Jason Mark covered the “Design” area, and Shen Ye brought up the “Launch” area.

In addition to the resources presently linked to from this site, Intel is interested in your input for other resources that should be considered for inclusion. On each area’s page — such as the “Build” page — there is a “Recommend a Resource” button to tweet the page’s organizer a link that you think belongs on that page.

Each organizer has his own criteria for what belongs there, beyond being relevant for the page’s topic area. In my case, my focus is on links to resources that are likely to be relevant for the next few years. Android evolves rather quickly, and so I’m trying to avoid links that are more prone to become stale too soon. Beyond that, I am looking for links to “quintessential” resources — the sorts of things that developers should not miss. And, I’m going to try to avoid too much overlap with what’s already there, as I do not know how many links Intel wants to have per page.

Intel will be seeking this input over the next few weeks. If you have a suggestion for any of the pages, click the button on the appropriate page on the Intel site. If you are not a Twitter user, or otherwise would prefer not to tweet your idea to the world, you can send me an email. I will try to remember to update this post when the window for recommendations has closed.

(and, yes, I know about the typo on link #15 — they’re working on it…)

Of course, definitely take a look at the resources that are already collected, as there may be ones that are new to you that could prove useful.

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