Upcoming Conference Presentations: droidcon UK and AnDevCon

The fall conference season is almost upon us! And the call-for-papers results are starting to roll in!

I have been selected to deliver two presentations and a half-day workshop later in 2014:

  • My “Getting By With Less Than 1.21 Gigawatts” presentation is scheduled for noon on Halloween at droidcon UK. I will be talking about the Battery Historian and JobScheduler introduced with the “L” Developer Preview, along with other notes on how to reduce your app’s battery consumption.

  • I will be delivering a half-day workshop (a.k.a., “tutorial”): “Your Android App. On TV.” at AnDevCon San Francisco 2014. Here, we will review the myriad ways that your app can push content to a TV, whether that be from a dedicated TV device (e.g., Fire TV, Android TV), a connection from a phone or tablet (e.g., MHL or Miracast), or via an intermediary bit of hardware (e.g., Chromecast). Note that my focus will be on standard Android SDK capabilities, not any proprietary libraries, so what we cover will be good across the range of display options.

  • Also at AnDevCon, I will be delivering a presentation called “Notifications, Front to Back”. As with my other “Front to Back” presentations, we start off with a quick review of the basics for putting icons in the status bar, for those who have not used Notification before. Then, we will quickly move into more advanced scenarios, such as the “big” styles for expanded notifications, plus all of the notification extensions added in support of Android Where?… er, I mean, Android Wear… and other stuff that showed up in the “L” Developer Preview.

I look forward to seeing some of you at these events!

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