Webinars: Memory and Security

A pair of webinar topics have been added to the roster for August through early October.

One is a two-hour Webinar on memory management, a trimmed-down and slightly-updated version of a presentation that I delivered at AnDevCon Boston 2014. Here we will examine why you have as many problems as you do, what tools exist to help you determine if you have a memory problem (and where that problem may come from), and some tips for better managing the memory that you have.

The other is “The Security Problems You Aren’t Thinking About”, reviewing a variety of ways in which your app could have security problems, particularly using APIs and Android capabilities that you might think would not present such problems. This is based in part on a conference presentation I delivered at DevWeek 2014 earlier this year.

As with past webinars, these are each scheduled for four different dates and times, to try to provide you with enough options to find one that you can attend.

Subscribers can visit their Warescription page to get the discount codes for these and the other scheduled webinars, though they are also open to the public.

If you have any questions regarding the webinars, let me know.

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