MediaRouter Webinars

Another pair of webinar topics have been added to the roster, both related to MediaRouter.

The first (“MediaRouter and RemotePlaybackClient”) covers how to write an app looking to consume media routes on a device like a Chromecast. We will see how to use MediaRouteActionProvider to find the Chromecast and how to use RemotePlaybackClient to have the Chromecast play back the desired media.

The second (“‘Cast’ To Your Own Device”) covers how to allow your device — or your app running on a device like a Fire TV or an OUYA — to be visible on phones and tablets as an available media route. We will see how to set up the MediaRouteProvider to advertise your route when it is available and what steps you will then need to take to fulfill the remote playback requests.

These are each scheduled for four different dates and times in June and July, to try to provide you with enough options to find one that you can attend.

Subscribers can visit their Warescription page to get the discount codes for these, though they are also open to the public.

If you have any questions regarding the webinars, let me know.

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