Gradle for Android... And You! Free Webinar Seats Still Available

About a month ago, I announced a free 30-minute Webinar on Gradle for Android. Nearly 300 people have signed up, which is somewhat of a bigger response than I had anticipated.

However, free webinars have one key characteristic: no-shows. Lots of people sign up, and relatively few show up. The Gradle for Android webinar I ran last Wednesday had about 40% turnout, which is actually fairly good.

As a result, I have raised the maximum number of “seats” per webinar, so there are a few dozen slots available, across the seven remaining webinars over the next few weeks.

As noted in the original post, this webinar is designed for people who have perhaps heard about Gradle for Android but are not using it today and may not understand its role or why it will be important for all developers, starting here in 2014. This is not a deep technical dive into using Gradle for Android — Gradleware and I have a half-day virtual training class for that. Instead, this presentation is to explain why you should be thinking about Gradle for Android now, even though it has not yet quite reached a 1.0 release.

If you think this sounds interesting — or it sounded interesting before, but there were no seats available at a convenient time — sign up!.

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