More Android Development Webinars

I have rolled out some new stuff for subscribers out on the Warescription site, and I’ll be posting about those this week. Monday, I mentioned the StackOverflow Bump benefit. Yesterday, I mentioned the newly-out-of-beta referral program.

I am also ramping up the webinars. While the free beta test ones are completely booked, I will be adding new webinars every week. You can find out about the scheduled webinars by visiting the CommonsWare Eventbrite profile or by subscribing to the CommonsWare Eventbrite RSS feed. I will also announce new events here in this blog.

Webinars are $25 for an hour-long session, though subscribers have access to limited-quantity discount codes that knock the price down to $5.

The two that I have scheduled right now are on SQLCipher for Android, plus another round of the external display support presentation (which has proven popular). Each have multiple dates, at various times of the day, in hopes that one or more of the times will fit your schedule.

If you have any questions regarding the webinars, let me know.

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