Referral Program Out of Beta

UPDATE 2016-08-15: The referral program has been discontinued due to lack of interest.

I have rolled out some new stuff for subscribers out on the Warescription site, and I’ll be posting about those this week. Yesterday, I mentioned the StackOverflow Bump benefit.

I have also moved the referral program out of beta. All subscribers should have to the “Referral Programs” section of their Warescription page (filed under “Settings”) with the basic instructions. You can set your own referral code, and you can then publish that code for use by new subscribers. There is a link structure you can use to automatically apply that referral code as well.

The objective of this referral program is to thank those who would be linking to the book anyway, without generating link spam. That is why the benefit (a free month on your Warescription for each month that has a referral purchase) really only helps subscribers.

If you have any questions regarding the referral program, let me know.

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