Webinar Wednesday: First Beta

I will be offering live webinars starting in 2014, and I will be hosting a few “beta” Webinars first, to test my chosen Webinar service and the general approach towards presenting these webinars.

The first such beta will be reprising the “External Display Support Using DisplayManager” presentation that I delivered at Samsung DevCon a bit over a month ago. If you were unable to attend that event, and would like to learn more about how your app can send separate content to an external display (TV, monitor, projector, etc.), feel free to sign up! This first beta test is limited to five attendees, though I will open up more seats for future webinars.

This one-hour webinar is being held on 11 December at 2pm Eastern Time. Future beta tests, plus the “for realz” Webinars, will be held at various times of the day. I will try “spanning the globe, to bring you a constant variety of” Android development topics, at times that are convenient for you.

You will need a PC or Mac with Adobe Flash 11.5 support. For Linux users, this pretty much means that you need to use Google’s Chrome browser (note: not Chromium). You can run a system check to confirm that you will be compatible. Audio will be handled through the webinar app, so you will not need a dial-in number. We will handle questions through the webinar’s chat area and optionally via microphone (if you have one).

To learn more or sign up:

Eventbrite - Android Development: External Display Support Using DisplayManager

If you have any questions regarding the webinars, feel free to contact me.

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