More Whirled Tour Updates

If you are contemplating attending AnDevCon, note that the speaker discount codes are now available. Using the last name of a conference speaker as the discount code in checkout will net you $200 off the conference registration fee. This stacks on top of whatever discount you get for early registration (e.g., you will save a total of $600 for registering by this Friday). As noted in an earlier blog post, I have a pair of presentations at AnDevCon this year.

If you have been considering the Samsung Developer Conference, I was mistaken in my earlier blog post about the registration deadline. Registrations are still being accepted, though there are a limited number of seats available. They have also updated their site with more details (yay!) and my photo (ummmm…).

Also, note that both the Samsung Developer Conference and droidcon UK are offering hackathons as adjuncts to their main events, should you be interested in showing off your sleep-deprived coding skills.

Interested in learning Kotlin? Check out the Klassbook for Kotlin language lessons that you can run right in your browser!