Whirled Tour Addition: Pushing the UI Envelope

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the 2013 CommonsGuy Whirled Tour, listing eight presentations that I am delivering at seven venues on two continents over a bit less than five weeks.

But, why stop there?

On October 22nd, I will be delivering a day-long seminar on “Pushing the UI Envelope” for Skills Matter at their Fleet Street facility in London.

(note to self: avoid all barbers that day, and stay away from the meat pies)

In this seminar, we will:

  • Dive into advanced areas of the action bar, including action modes, custom action views, dynamic contents, and more

  • Take a swipe through ViewPager, including advanced techniques like adding and removing pages on the fly

  • Peek at how to support external displays (HDMI, Miracast, Samsung’s AllShare Cast, MHL, etc.), including how to target separate content to the external display from what you show on the phone or tablet

  • Slide into the navigation drawer pattern, with a particular emphasis on Google’s DrawerLayout and Google’s design guidance for such drawers

  • Spend time on rich text formatting and editing, to go beyond plain ol’ text, and without having to break out a WebView

  • Tie all of that together into implementations of the master/detail pattern, to support a range of screen sizes from a single code base

Note that this last item will be a somewhat enhanced version of the “In the Brain” session that I will be delivering the following evening. Some of the other segments of this workshop will encompass presentations that I am delivering on the US West Coast at Samsung DevCon and AnDevCon, for those of you who will not be able to attend those events.

With three presentations and this full-day workshop, those in the London area the week of 21 October are invited to get tired of listening to me talk. :-)

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