The CommonsGuy 2013 Whirled Tour

I am delivering a dizzying array of presentations in October and November. Hence, the Whirled Tour!

First up, in my home territory, I am presenting at the October 15th edition of the Lehigh Valley Tech Meetup. This presentation is for newcomers to Android, offering a “20,000-foot view” of what app development is like, both using the traditional Java-and-XML approach and alternatives like hybrid apps and NDK-style native coding.

Next, I am supposed to be presenting on October 16th at Android Alliance Philadelphia, though we are still working out a topic and therefore I have no direct link to the event.

I then float across the Atlantic on a raft made of KitKat® bars, rolling on up the Thames to London. Or, possibly, I’ll fly — I am still doing research on the behavior of milk chocolate in salt water.

On October 23rd, I will be giving a brief presentation on Android threading at Apps World Europe, in one of the sequentially-numbered Earl’s Court halls.

Also on October 23rd, I am letting you “In the Brain of Mark Murphy” at Skills Matter’s office. My brain is frequently rather untidy, so I apologize in advance for the mess. Specifically, though, I will be presenting on “Mastering the Master-Detail Pattern”.

On October 25th, I will be watching awesome presentations from the likes of Jeff Gilfelt, Juhani Lehtimäki, Hans Dockter, Mark Allison, and many more at droidcon UK. I’ll also be chipping in with “Android Security: Defending Your Users”, with an emphasis on “low-hanging fruit” solutions like SQLCipher for Android.

From there, I head to San Francisco, where I will be helping out with the Samsung Developer Conference. I’m scheduled to present “Secondary Screen Support Using DisplayManager”, though I cannot prove this, as their site is not listing the presenters just yet. Also, I have been told that registrations end September 6th, so if you were considering attending, do not let the grass grow under your feet. For starters, that stuff tickles.

After that, I take a break for a couple of weeks, before returning to the Bay Area for AnDevCon San Francisco 2013, the fifth(?) time that I have attended and presented. There, I will be reprising my “Mastering the Master-Detail Pattern” presentation, plus delivering “The Action Bar, Front to Back”, in addition to attending presentations by the likes of Christian Kurzke, Matt Kranzler and Matt Runo, Geoff Matrangola, and many others. Of course, both of my presentations are opposite ones delivered by Googlers, so I may be able to sneak out of my empty presentation rooms and watch theirs… :-)

And, I may have other presentations popping up in this timeframe, so stay tuned to the CommonsWare home page for the latest scheduled events.

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