Android 4.2 + HDMI != Presentation Support

One would expect that part of the CDD or CTS for Android 4.2 upgrades would require that devices with support for external displays, such as via a micro-HDMI port, support the Presentation class for displaying content on those external displays.

This does not appear to be the case.

The ASUS Transformer Infinity was upgraded to Android 4.2.1. While DisplayManager reports the HDMI display (when one is connected), there are two flaws that I see:

  1. It reports invalid configuration data (e.g., a 720p projector is reported as being 1080p)

  2. Attempts to use that Display with a Presentation object fail, in that nothing happens – normal mirroring continues

There are also reports that the Galaxy Nexus does not support Presentation when used with an MHL cable, though I have not attempted to reproduce that.

Hence, code that works fine with the Nexus 10 (micro-HDMI) and Nexus 4 (Miracast) does not work on the ASUS Transformer Infinity.

Ideally, the CDD or CTS would check for this, but apparently that is not covered, which is why I am calling for better support here.

Ideally, I would have discussed this with ASUS, but ASUS seems to lack any developer support options. Even Twitter just routed me to end-user support. If anyone at ASUS happens to read this and wishes to discuss this with me, please feel free to reach out.

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