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PSA: Get Your Maps V1 Keys Now!

The Maps V1 “API Key Signup” page still reports that new API keys will be unavailable starting on March 3rd.

If you might get into Google Maps integration in the future, you may want to go ahead and get API keys for your debug and production keystores, just so that you have them. Otherwise, if Google follows through on their threat, you will be locked out of Maps V1 in a few days, as you will be unable to obtain an API key at that time.

While you will still be able to use Maps V2, there is little question that Maps V2 is still a bit rough around the edges at this point, and it is not available for many older devices. Of course, you will also have the option of using maps from other sources, such as OpenStreetMap.

For more on this issue, please seethis prior blog post.

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