App Quality Alliance's Resources for Android Developers

The App Quality Alliance publishes several resources for quality assurance that may be of interest to Android developers.

Their Android Testing Criteria document has, at this time, ~80 tests that they feel should be run to confirm that an app gives a quality user experience, from:

Ensure that the Application notifies the user about a long launch time


If the user accepts an incoming phone call while the Application is running, it should be possible to resume from the same point in the Application at the end of the call, or a logical re-starting point.

Each test comes with a series of steps, designed for a tester to follow to determine if the test passes. This document can be found on the site’s “Docs, FAQs, and Other Info” page, or you can download the February 2013 edition of the PDF directly.

They also publish the Quality App Directory and badge program, for apps certified to pass those tests.

In addition, they have a “best practices” guide for mobile app developers and a quick “top 10” errors list

The documents are definitely worth a read and could easily form part of a developer’s release checklist.

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