No, Android Does *Not* Have a Crop Intent

Many developers are calling startActivity() on an Intent with an action of They are doing this to crop an image.

This is a really bad idea.

Any time you find yourself typing or pasting something starting with, warning bells should be sounding. Better yet, the “Lost in Space” Robot should amble toward you, waving his arms, shouting “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”

(note: while your name may not be Will Robinson, if a robot is flailing about in your vicinity, just play along, m’kay?)

In this specific case, this Intent action is supported by the AOSP Camera app. That app does not exist on all devices. Devices lacking this app will not respond to this undocumented Intent action, and your app will crash.

There are several open source libraries for cropping images in Android. I have not tried any of them, and therefore cannot vouch for how well any work. However, they are safer bets than relying upon an undocumented Intent action from an app that may not exist on any given user’s device.

Here are some libraries to consider: