Announcing AndGlobe

I am now maintaining a Web page (backed by a JSON dataset) listing localized Android developer question-and-answer sites.

This is the outcome of my call for global Android developer sites that I posted a few weeks ago.

The JSON dataset and the scripts to generate the page are stored in GitHub.

If you know of other sites that should be included in this roster, please get that information to me — the GitHub project home page has details for how to do this.

Also, I am desperately seeking better translations for my one-sentence site explanation:

These sites are places where you can ask or answer Android application development questions.

Many of the translations presently used on the site are from Google Translate, with your typical awkward results. If you have a replacement that expresses the same concept (not necessarily a literal translation), please send it to me, such as via

If you would like to integrate the data on your own site, or otherwise offer your own front-end to the JSON, feel free to do so, as the data is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. For more tactical changes, file issues or contribute pull requests that I can attempt to integrate.

Finally, if you know of some already-existing resource that does a better job with this than I am, please point me to it. I do not want to “reinvent the wheel”, so I would rather help somebody else succeed if somebody else already has more content and more momentum.

Thanks in advance for any contributions!

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