Seeking Global Android Developer Support Sites

TL;DR Edition: If you know of a discussion board, mailing list, or other question-and-answer site that exists to support Android app developers, where the primary language is not English, please send me:

  • the name of the site
  • the URL to the site
  • the language(s) supported by the site

And if anyone knows somebody else who already has a collection of such sites, please let me know, so I do not duplicate their efforts!

For this, reach me at, or post something to @commonsguy on Twitter.

While StackOverflow and the android-developers Google Group are fine places to get help, they are English-centric. This is great for somebody like me (an American rumored to speak Engilsh now and again).

However, the Android development community has now grown well past the point where English-only support resources are the best for everyone. Many developers will be uncomfortable asking, or answering, questions in English. And questions that are difficult to understand, due to unfamiliarity in English, are less likely to be answered.

I presume that there are forums, lists, StackExchange installations, and the like out there that cater to other languages. I would like to build a page that lists as many of them as we can aggregate, so that there is a single place we can point developers to get help in their native language. However, I am unlikely to find the right sites by random Internet searches, which is why I am looking for suggestions of sites to list.

Right now, I have:

Once I have (hopefully) a few more in my starting set, I will publish the roster in HTML and JSON forms on Amazon S3, backed by a public GitHub repo, with the data all licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license, so anyone can use it. Also, we can see where the gaps are – and I expect there will be many – so interested parties can consider setting up a developer support site in their language.

Thanks in advance for any contributions!

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