Omnibus v0.8 Released

Version 0.8 of the omnibus edition of The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development, as re-envisioned as part of The Big Book Reboot, is available to most subscribers. Those who subscribed after around noon Eastern Time on June 16th will start getting the Omnibus with the next update. Right now, PDFs and APKs are available for everyone. EPUBs and Kindle/MOBI editions are rolling out now, and everyone should have theirs soon.

This release migrates over most of the remaining material from the other books. Some of these migrated chapters are complete. Some are riddled with “TBD” notations to myself. About 9 chapters are completely missing. However, the book is getting pretty close to completion, and is presently around 1,500 pages.

In addition to the migrated material, I added some completely new material:

  • A chapter on device administration APIs

  • A chapter on writing extensions for the SONY SmartWatch™ Android accessory

  • A section in the NFC chapter on Android Beam

  • One last(?) tutorial

Version 3.9 (to adopt the numbering from The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development) should be out (hopefully) around July 4th or 5th. This should complete the book; 4.0 will ship a few weeks later with bug fixes.

If you encounter problems with the Omnibus or have other Omnibus-related feedback, please contact me at omnibus /at\

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