Omnibus v0.4 Released

Version 0.4 of the omnibus edition of The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development, as re-envisioned as part of The Big Book Reboot, is available to most subscribers. Those who subscribed after noon Eastern Time on April 15th will start getting the Omnibus with the next update.

This week, the Omnibus is now available in PDF form, along with EPUB and MOBI/KF8. There are a few changes in the PDF file from the style used for the classic books:

  • The page size is 8.5” x 11”, to make it easier for those who wish to print off chapters

  • There is no index, as this is intended for use in digital form, and free-text search is much better than the auto-generated index

  • The PDF generation is using a different tool than before, which may change how the rendering works on some PDF viewers

If you encounter problems with the PDF edition, please contact me at omnibus /at\

In terms of coverage, this update adds:

  • A slightly revamped chapter on the activity lifecycle

  • A completely rewritten chapter on introductory use of fragments

  • A brand new chapter on using ViewPager

  • A moderately revamped chapter on configuration changes

  • A restored copy of the “Where Do We Go From Here?” chapter

If all goes according to plan, Version 0.5 will ship in a week, with a few more updated chapters, plus another new file format.

If you encounter problems with the Omnibus or have other Omnibus-related feedback, please contact me at omnibus /at\

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