The Busy Coder's Guide to Advanced Android Development Version 2.6 Released

The Busy Coder’s Guide to Advanced Android Development Version 2.6 is now available for subscribers in all formats.

This update, representing ~35 pages of new material, adds:

  • Light coverage of developing for the oh-so-disappointing NOOK Tablet and Blackberry Playbook

  • A new chapter on working with rich text (e.g., Spanned and Spannable objects)

  • A tweaked set of camera samples, to overcome a bug whereby the apps would crash if you pressed the power button while the preview was active

There should be another update to this material in another month. Whether that update comes in the form of a change to this specific title, or gets rolled into The Big Book Reboot and the omnibus title, is unclear right now. My gut tells me that there will be one more update to this title, but I am not completely certain.

The AndroidX Tech site contains source code, transitive dependency details, and much more for Google’s androidx artifacts!