Android's Advances: Review and Preview

Ten days ago, I delivered a Webinar entitled “Android’s Advances: Review and Preview” as part of the WIP Connector’s “Back to School Webinars” series.

Well, OK, I sorta delivered a Webinar.

Actually, I was on a plane over the Atlantic right then, trying to get back home after a small hurricane put the kibosh on my original return flight from Oslo.

Since I was not going to be able to deliver the Webinar live, I recorded the audio (with the weak headset that I had with me, natch) and supplied that and the presentation slides to WIP. They, in turn, delivered it for me to the audience.

If you are interested in watching it, the full video is up on Vimeo, courtesy of WIP. It is probably “old hat” to those of you who are active in the Android community — the presentation was aimed at those people who had not been “tuned into” Android over the past few months and wondered what all went on while they were off doing other things.

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