Google Apps For Somebody Other Than Me

About 18 months ago, during a crisis where my formerly self-hosted mail server went blooey while I was on the road, I set up a Google Apps for Business account and migrated my email to Gmail. At the time, I thought the move might be temporary, but I just stuck with it.

However, since most other Google apps weren’t part of Google Apps for Business, I used that account solely for Gmail. Everything else I kept with my personal Google account.

Until today.

Courtesy of a forced “upgrade”, the ties between my Google Apps for Business account and my personal account were severed. Among the casualties, I can no longer post to [android-developers] or related Google Groups. I had set those up to send email to my Google Apps for Business Gmail account, but that link was one of those that was severed.

While Google Apps for Business does some hand-waving around supporting one browser to use multiple Google accounts (e.g., my business and personal ones), half of the hand-waving is a bunch of vague “this might not work” language, and the other half was written by somebody with limited communications skills. Hence, for the moment, I am using both Chrome and Firefox, each logged into a separate Google account.

For subscribers and other followers of CommonsWare, there will be some changes afoot, as I detangle this mess. If I am going to clean things up, I will be moving away from Google services to the extent possible. After all, as the adage goes:

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… that’s why we have shotguns.

(or something like that)


  • It is unclear when I will be able to post to [android-developers]. I think that I am just in the moderation queue again, but I have no way to tell.

  • The [cw-android] Google Group will eventually be discontinued, with a replacement yet to be determined.

  • The Google Calendar for office hours will eventually be discontinued, with a replacement yet to be determined.

My apologies in advance for any hassle that this will cause you.