Android Programming Tutorials Version 3.2 Released

Subscribers now have access to the latest release of Android Programming Tutorials, known as Version 3.2.

This is the first phase of a total rewrite of the back 60% of the book, to eliminate the Patchy examples. While is a fine service, it proved problematic when delivering training (e.g., secured facility that lacked access to, thinking a room full of students were a spam farm). The revised book will be completely focused on the LunchList sample, with Internet access being made a small part of the overall set of work.

This version of the book is down to 20 tutorials. The first 14 are the same as before, modulo some errata fixes. The last six are new, covering Internet access, services, locations, maps, AlarmManager, and notifications.

In the next version (or two), coverage to most of the original topics will be restored, plus new tutorials added for Honeycomb items like fragments and the action bar. With luck, this will all be wrapped up by the end of April.

Note that this book has moved to a new GitHub repo. That is so the last Patchy examples can remain intact, without confusing new readers of the book.

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