CWAC-LocationPoller v0.1 Released

I have uploaded a new open source component, LocationPoller, as a CWAC project.

I have long discussed the need for a WakefulLocationService to try to figure out where the device is on a periodic basis, even when the device is in sleep mode. Ideally, this should not be needed, using some PendingIntent flavor of requestLocationUpdates(), but I cannot get that to work. Since my implementation does not look much like WakefulIntentService, I elected to go with a different name (LocationPoller) than my original intended name (WakefulLocationService).

This component is a case where I am scratching other people’s itches — I have no immediate use for this capability. As such, my usage model may be flawed, and I have not tested tons of scenarios (e.g., spending a night in a parking garage).

If you have any thoughts about the component, please join the cw-android Google Group and post there! If you find bugs, use that group or file an issue through the GitHub repo.

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