New Warescription Site

Well, so far, so good, in terms of the new Warescription site.

Besides a shiny new, not completely ugly GWT-based interface, the big short-term gain is faster subscription order processing. The new site handles PayPal and Google Checkout purchases via e-junkie, which means a purchaser will get books in a matter of minutes.

Also, you can opt into password recovery for your account — visit the My Account tab, supply an email address, and check the password recovery checkbox. I even have a checkbox for Al Sutton’s requested “let me know when my Warescription is expiring” feature.

More importantly, the new setup gives me a lot more freedom to add yet more improvements over time, without as much sheer panic that I had with modifying the original site. Of course, I’m busy writing and speaking and stuff, so it’s not like I’ll be spending tons of time adding bells and whistles. But I should get another wave of improvements in place late this year.

Another improvement I hope to address in the next couple of weeks is better Kindle file format support — more on that in a future post.

If you encounter problems with the new site — and you are not using IE6 — please let me know!

Interested in learning Kotlin? Check out the Klassbook for Kotlin language lessons that you can run right in your browser!