Android Parcel Project Update

I have pushed out v0.4.1 of the andparcel gem to fix an XML generation problem.

It still will not work properly on Windows (due to a bug in one of the dependent gems) or on Ruby 1.9.* (due to a compatibility problem with that same dependent gem). Ordinarily, I’d spend the time to rip out that dependency, but…

I have concluded that the Ruby experiment for this project is a failure. It presents too many little stumbling blocks for everyone.

So, I’ll be spending time in early August rewriting this stuff in Java, at which point I expect greater success on Windows. It will also make it easier if anyone wants to, say, create an Eclipse plug-in or something. It may also make it easier for some of these concepts to make it over to Maven (should anyone Maven-savvy be interested), and so on.

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