I'm Not Dead Yet

I apologize for the two-week hiatus since my last blog post.

I am still working to overcome the Twitter authentication problem. While the most-affected book (Android Programming Tutorials) has been updated in digital form, I pulled the print book off the shelves. Hence, I am working on a more thorough update to this book, with an eye towards getting to Version 3.0 and the 3rd Edition in print later this summer.

That, plus a couple of training events, put quite a crimp in my blogging time.

Also, while I have been tempted to write some fairly serious rants (e.g., why people who can barely write chess clocks and do no marketing should not complain when they get few downloads), I’ve been biting my tongue. Part of me wants to write a “Grassroots Marketing for Developers” blog post series to help counteract their nonsense. Part of me figures that the “silent majority” knows how to market. If you think that having a series of posts on what you should be doing to promote yourself would be worthwhile, drop me a line, perhaps on the cw-android Google Group.

The good news is that after another week and a half of this, life will return to a bit of normalcy. And, along the way, you’ll receive the fruits of my labors. Sweet, sweet fruits.

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