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Android Programming Tutorials Version 2.1 Released

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I have patched the Patchy tutorial to use for the microblogging service, replacing Twitter, for the reasons outlined in the previous post. Since has an API nearly identical to Twitter’s, and with basic authentication, this wound up only being a few line change.

Subscribers now have access to Android Programming Tutorials, Version 2.1. PDFs are available now, with EPUB and as-is Kindle editions showing up hopefully within 24 hours, if the connection errors with Amazon S3 would kindly stop.

If your subscription lapsed, or you have a print book, I have some instructions for how you can patch Patchy here. That way, you too will be able to have your Patchy goodness when working through the tutorials.

Other than the Patchy fixes, plus minor Android 2.2 updates, the book is unchanged.

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