WakefulIntentService v0.2.0 Released

I have converted the CWAC WakefulIntentService over to use the parcel format, though it is also available as a downloadable JAR since it does not have any resource dependencies.

Also, based in part on the suggestions in this thread, I have streamlined the way you send work to a WakefulIntentService. While you can still do it the old way (acquire the static WakeLock, then call startService()), I have wrapped those steps up into a sendWakefulWork() method. Call that with a Context and either your service’s Class or an Intent for your service class, and WakefulIntentService will grab the lock and call startService() on your behalf.

Thanks to Satya Komatineni for spurring me to make this change!

If you have any questions about WakefulIntentService, please join the cw-android Google Group and ask them there!

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