Developer Assistance at Google I/O

If you are coming to Google I/O 2010, you’ll have a range of opportunities to get the Android info you’ll need.

The core Android team is hosting office hours on Thursday, so that is your #1 chance to try to get answers from real live Googlers. However, please be advised that the Moscone Center is a “catch and release” zone, so please put the Googlers back when you are done with them. :-)

Many of the Android sessions should have time for some Q&A at the end. These are usually brief, so if you have a question relevant for the session topic, get in line early at a microphone to have a chance to ask it.

There are two Android-related Fireside Chats, one with members of the core Android team and one with Android device manufacturers. These are pure Q&A from the audience. One key with these Chats is that last year’s chats were not recorded and so do not show up in the roster of videos to view later. Hence, all else being equal, consider attending a Fireside Chat over a regular presentation, because if they stick to the same policy, you won’t be able to see the Chat later.

I will be at the show as well, so if you see me and have any questions, ask away!

For those of you signed up for MOTOBOWL! 2010, I’ll be there to answer your Android development questions on Wednesday until ~9pm local time.

I will attempt to run a “simulchat” from the site of MOTOBOWL! 2010 for Warescription members, using the same setup as the regular office hours chats. However, I can’t be certain it will work, as I don’t know if they have WiFi at the bowling alley, and it’s possible that 3G signal strength may be weak in the building. But, I’ll try.

If I get a chance, I’ll also toss out a blog post or two, here or in my AndroidGuys or NetworkWorld column, with thoughts from the conference proper. Certainly, I’ll have posts after it is all over.

So, for those who are attending, I hope to see you there! For those who could not attend, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of Android 2.2 release info and other news from the event.

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