HTC Incredible and External Storage

One of the things you will find me doing with this blog is archiving some of my more useful posts to the Android Google Groups, or highlighting something in StackOverflow.

Today, I wanted to make a more permanent record of some research I did on the HTC Incredible, with the help of Scott Webster of AndroidGuys. The android-developers thread will have some more info.

The upshot is that while the Incredible has a lot of on-board flash, that’s not what gets reported by Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(). That still points to the SD card. Initial devices shipped to reviewers had the SD card slot empty – as one might expect in a device with lots of on-board flash. However, applications needing external storage would then break.

Verzion, to its credit, is reportedly shipping 2GB SD cards with the Incredible, perhaps solely to address this issue.

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