Thanks for your interest in Room! Room is Google’s solution for a high-level database access API, for your local SQLite databases. As such, Room gets a lot of attention and is reasonably popular.

Thanks also for your broader interest in Android app development! Android is the most widely-used operating system on the planet, so we need to be able to rapidly develop high-quality Android apps. Room can help with that.

And thanks for your interest in this book! Here, you can learn more about how to work with Room, from the basics through more complex scenarios. And, along the way, there may be a joke or two.

The Book’s Prerequisites

This book is designed for developers with at least a bit of Android app development experience. If you are fairly new to Android, please consider reading Elements of Android Jetpack, Exploring Android, or both, before continuing with this book.

Also note that this book’s examples are written in Kotlin. If you are unfamiliar with Kotlin, you can still learn stuff about Room from this book, though it will be more difficult. You might consider reading Elements of Kotlin, to familiarize yourself with Kotlin.

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This book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.