Errata for “Elements of Android Jetpack”

Note: page numbers refer to the page numbers shown on the bottom of each page in the PDF edition of the book.

Version 1.0 - June 2020

Version 0.9 - May 2020

Version 0.8 - February 2020

Some of the sample projects will give you a Cannot access 'androidx.lifecycle.HasDefaultViewModelProviderFactory' error in Android Studio 3.6.x. That is a bug in the IDE, and the code should run fine. If you want to get rid of the nasty-looking error, though, add implementation 'androidx.lifecycle:lifecycle-extensions:2.2.0' to the dependencies list of the project.

Version 0.5 - September 2019

Version 0.3 - March 2019

Version 0.2 - January 2019

Version 0.1 - December 2018