GraphQL and Android

GraphQL is a rapidly-ascending alternative to REST for implementing Web services. Developed by Facebook, GraphQL is popular in Web development. And, where Web service development goes, mobile app development — including Android — inevitably follows.

This book helps you understand what GraphQL is and how to communicate with a GraphQL server, both in terms of GraphQL specifications and syntax and in terms of Android code for reaching those servers.

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The Table of Contents

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  • GraphQL in Five Minutes
  • The Role of GraphQL
  • Top-Level GraphQL Terms
  • GraphQL Test Environments
  • Basic Dynamic GraphQL in Android
  • Basic Static GraphQL in Android
  • Objects, Fields, and Types
  • Fragments
  • Arguments and Variables
  • Aliases
  • Interfaces, Unions, and Inline Fragments
  • Miscellaneous GraphQL Syntax
  • Introspection
  • Authentication and the Viewer Pattern
  • Queries and Paging
  • Securing GraphQL
  • Testing GraphQL
  • Advanced Apollo-Android
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What's New

  • New chapter on paginated GraphQL responses and the Relay connection pattern
  • Partial new chapter on advanced Apollo-Android techniques


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